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Baby Shower Appetizers

Baby Shower Appetizers

You absolutely have to have appetizers at a baby shower

! Having a fun and fancy menu will add to the enjoyment and excitement of the party. These are my favorite baby shower appetizers because they are so elegant, yet simple and fun. They are loaded with soft colors and rich flavors which go great with any baby shower.

Ricotta Apricot Halves – These delicate fruits are given a creamy filling for a perfect baby shower appetizer.

Appetizer Sandwiches - So elegant and flavorful, these mini sandwiches will please all of your guests.

Blue Cheese Pears with Candied Walnuts – A sweet and savory combination that melts in your mouth!

Cheese Fondue – This hands-on easy party appetizer will be a definite favorite.

Strawberry Dream Dip – The beautiful pale pink color and creamy flavor will have the gals oohing and ahhing!

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