Cream Cheese Appetizers

Cream cheese is so popular because its creamy and delicious characteristics make it the perfect base for many appetizer recipes. These appetizer recipes are easy to come by as cream cheese is loved by all. Cream cheese is a soft, mild, white cheese that is unaged. This makes its shelf life very short, but once a container is opened it seems like it disappears pretty fast anyway!

This mild white cheese is sold in block form which requires it to be softened before use in most recipes. The kind found in tubs is air whipped making it very easy to use straight from the fridge.

Cream cheese was invented in New York in 1872 by a dairy owner who began selling his creamy creation under the name "Philadelphia Brand®." You can find American style cream cheese, as it is called in other countries, in most areas around the world.

Cream cheese appetizer recipes

Top Cream Cheese Appetizer Recipes

Appetizer recipes often use cream cheese for making dips and spreads. It is also a wonderful topper for crackers, or toasted bread. Enjoy these top creamy cheese appetizers which are favorites of mine!

Crab Dip - Hot, gooey, and irresistible this easy party dip might be the first one gone!

Artichoke Dip – A delectable melting harmony of cheeses and artichoke hearts.

Pinwheel Appetizers – The colors and flavors really pop for these fun appetizers.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer – Just a touch of smoked salmon is all you’ll need for this great treat.

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